Stauer Rose-gold Fused Moon Phase Watch

  • Stauer Moon Phase: Accurate tracking of lunar phases
  • Affordable moon phase functionality with quartz movement
  • Vintage design with 18k rose gold plating and ivory dial
  • High-spec Swiss quartz movement for precision
  • Limited edition of 2,499 pieces, don’t miss out!


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Sku: 15752

It took us many moons to get this one right

It took us more than 27 Full Moons to get this one right.

It might have been one small step for Stauer but it’s one giant leap for the watch collector. The 29-day Stauer Moon Phase tracks the phases of the moon — from new to full. Moon Phase watches have always been quite complex and very expensive but Stauer has engineered a way to build true moon phase functionality using a space age quartz movement at a reasonable price. The coin-edged case is plated in 18k rose gold and the etched antiqued ivory dial and Roman numerals are reminiscent of a design from 1929. But under that classic vintage design, the engineering is quite ingenious. Recently a Moon Phase watch sold at auction for over £90,000 but we think that we can save you about 99.8% with a watch that is more than 99.995% accurate thanks to the high-spec Swiss quartz movement. Those are numbers that add up pretty well. So if you want to know the precise time or find out when the next full moon is so you can avoid those werewolves, Stauer has got you covered. This is a limited edition of 2,499 pieces so please don’t wait. This kind of watch only comes around once in a blue moon.

Wrist Sizes: 6 3/4” to 8 1/2“.