Stauer Off-Roader Hybrid Chronograph

  • Stauer Off-Roader Hybrid Chronograph: Rugged endurance companion
  • Combines analog and digital chronograph movements
  • Ideal for off-road racing and elegant occasions
  • Stainless steel, water-resistant, and feature-rich
  • Saved the day in the Arabian Desert navigation challenge.


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Let’s take this off-road

The Stauer Off-Roader Hybrid Chronograph brings you home

After three hours of being lost, I was finally ready to swallow my pride and ask for directions. Still, there was a problem: gas stations are surprisingly hard to come by in the middle of the Arabian Desert. Some gearhead friends of mine had convinced me to navigate for their off-road endurance racing team, and now we were driving in circles. The land was so remote during the 12-day cross-country race that a GPS was useless. Instead, we had to rely on a compass and a map.

Just as I began to envision vultures circling overhead, I remembered my secret weapon: the Stauer Off-Roader Hybrid Chronograph. Rugged enough for endurance racing yet elegant enough for the champagne party afterwards, the Off-Roader is the perfect marriage of analog and digital chronograph movements. From its stainless steel construction to its 3ATM water resistance, every part of this watch is designed with the elements in mind.

Its complications include a digital date, day, time, and second display; its other features include an alarm, a backlight and a stopwatch. And, the tachymeter on the bezel lets you to track your speed and distance.

Ultimately, we didn’t win the race, but we did make it out of the desert in one piece. Thanks to this watch, we lived to race another day.

  • Movement: Quartz
  • Digital and Analog complications
  • Stainless Steel
  • 3ATM Water Resistance
  • Fits up to 8 1/2″ wrist