Stauer Admiral Nelson Watch

  • Stauer Nelson Timepiece: Modeled after Admiral Nelson’s watch
  • Based on the gold pocket watch found on Nelson
  • Replicates the rare regulator style with separate complications
  • Automatic, 20-jeweled, gold-fused stainless steel case
  • Crocodile embossed leather strap, waterproof to 3 ATM


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Why the French hate this watch

In the most decisive sea battle of the Napoleonic Wars, the French navy and its allies lost a total of 22 warships. The British lost none. During the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, Britains Admiral Horatio Nelson became a national hero…but also lost his life. The Stauer Nelson Timepiece is modelled after the gold pocket watch found on Nelson after he was killed.

Built by legendary British watchmaker Josiah Emery in 1787, the original watch recently sold at auction for more than 637,000.This unique timepiece replicates the extremely rare, regulator style that counts minutes along the outside dial while hours and seconds are clocked in separate complications.

The automatic, 20-jewelled Stauer Nelson features a handsome gold-fused stainless steel case, case back and crown. Mineral glass protects the antiqued, ivory-coloured dial, marked with bold black numerals. The watch fastens with a crocodile embossed leather strap and is waterproof to 3 ATM. Fits wrist 6 ” to 8″.