Star Spangled Egg

  • Enameled interior and exterior; crystal accents
  • 22″ matching necklace
  • metaldisplay stand


Sku: 34046

The Czars jeweller was a genius. As the creator of decorative pieces for Russias royalty, the master craftsman and his assistants created dozens of unique Imperial Eggs. No two were the same and each is now worth a fortune. He invented new jewellery techniques, created bold colours and pushed his elite group of artists to boldly go where even they had not gone before. Its fitting then that we pay tribute to Russias legendary royal egg art with some innovation of our own. These decorative, enamelled eggs evoke the style of the Romanov masterpieces.Regal colours dance among the ornate, hand-painted designs and each egg rests elegantly on a gold-finished, crystal-studded stand. The hinged eggs flip open for storage or display. Inside, weve tucked miniature Egg Pendants which dangle from a 24″ gold-finished chain. Truly eggs-quisite!