Seven Scarlet Tales

Passion’s Theater: More Than Acting

  • Real-life “Kiss Me Kate” thrill
  • Sizzling BDSM trio
  • Innocent’s fetish club initiation
  • Kinky star-struck encounter


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Behind the Scenes: Where Fantasies Meet Reality

Dive into a scorching collection of linked short stories from the acclaimed author of “On Demand.” Explore the world behind the curtains where desires are unmasked and fantasies come to life. From an actress/director experiencing the genuine thrill of “Kiss Me Kate,” to a tantalizing BDSM ménage, an innocent’s eye-opening day at a private fetish club, and a sensuous rendezvous with a renowned screen star – this collection promises to both tantalize and mesmerize. Discover passion’s theatre, where roles blur, and pleasure is the only script.