• Flaunt 24 carats of genuine polished South American emeralds.
  • Embrace the natural uncut look in casual fashion.
  • Wear 30 carats of genuine emeralds at an affordable price.
  • Emeralds have a rich history of beauty and significance.
  • Rhodium-finished brass setting and French hooks for elegance.


Sku: 15674

Go Green With Envy

Flaunt 24 Carats of Genuine Polished South American Emeralds in an Exclusive Style… When It Comes to Precious Gems, Size Does Matter.

Sometimes you want to throw refinement and polish out the window and go all natural. Radiant deep green emeralds have been one of the three most precious gemstones ever since they were found in Cleopatra’s mines and adorned the Egyptian pharaohs 3,000 years ago. But in today’s more casual fashions, designers have embraced the natural uncut look. Now you can wear 30 ctw of genuine emeralds and feel great about knowing that you were able to treat yourself to precious gems without paying a precious price.

Throughout the world, emeralds have been at the center point of great wars, great romances, and great fortunes. From the Incas in South America to the crown jewels in Europe, emeralds have captured the attention of lovers of beauty, color and radiance. This is the first time that entering the emerald club with a staggering 30 ctw has been this easy.

  • 27 CTW
  • Rhodium-finished brass setting
  • French hooks