Frost Protection Fleece Jacket – Pack of 2

Guard Growth with Cosy Plant Jackets

  • Dual pack for double the protection
  • Generous size of 80x60cm fits various plants
  • Permeable material allows air and moisture flow
  • Built-in drawstrings secure jackets in place
  • Reusable and machine washable for easy care


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Sku: KFWJ100

Wrap Your Greenery in Warmth with Our Frost Protection Fleece Jackets

As the chill of winter descends, give your greenery the warmth it needs with our Frost Protection Fleece Jacket. This pack of two is designed to envelop your cherished plants in a protective embrace, retaining essential heat while still permitting the life-giving essentials of air, moisture, and water. Measuring 80x60cm, they are amply sized to shield various plants, shrubs, seeds, and crops from the harsh reality of frost.

These fleece jackets are more than just a barrier against the cold; they are a nurturing environment that helps ensure your plants can bounce back to their thriving best with the arrival of spring. Equipped with integral drawstrings, the covers can be snugly secured to pot bases, plant stalks, or support structures, offering steadfast protection against the elements.

Crafted for convenience, our fleece jackets are not only fully reusable but also simple to maintain as they are machine washable. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or a budding green thumb, these jackets are an essential addition to your gardening toolkit, safeguarding your horticultural efforts through the winter months. With these fleece jackets, rest assured that your garden will emerge from the frost, ready to burst into a spectacle of spring vitality.



  • Pack of two fleece jackets for widespread garden use.
  • Each jacket measures 80x60cm, suitable for various plant sizes.
  • Allows air and moisture to reach the plant while providing frost protection.
  • Integral drawstrings for secure fastening to different plant supports.
  • Durable and reusable material for long-term gardening solutions.
  • Machine washable for easy and convenient cleaning.