Pill Organiser with Alarm

Organised Medication, Timely Alerts

  • Four alarm settings for timely reminders.
  • Compact design, ideal for travelling.
  • Stores multiple prescriptions in one.
  • Simplifies medication routine.
  • Perfect for daily use.


Sku: H65241

Master Your Medication Routine: Organise and Alert

Stay on top of your health without the stress of missing a dose. Our Pill Organiser with Alarm is the perfect companion for those juggling multiple medications. With its compact design, it is not only convenient to carry around but also ensures you never miss a pill, thanks to its programmable alarm system.

Understanding the need for timely medication, our pill organiser is equipped with up to four alarms daily. This ensures you can maintain a strict routine without constantly checking the clock. The organiser’s four compartments also mean you won’t have to shuffle between different pillboxes, keeping all your doses in one place.

Whether you’re at home, on a holiday, or just out for a walk, the Pill Organiser ensures you have what you need at your fingertips. It’s small, discreet, and perfect for those on the go. Say goodbye to the hassle of remembering pills and hello to the ease of organised health.



  • Programmable timer with up to 4 alarms daily.
  • Compact, bag-friendly design.
  • Four spacious compartments for multiple pills.
  • Simplifies medication schedules.
  • Alarm ensures timely medication intake.


What’s Included:

  • 1 x Pill Organiser with Alarm.



  • Dimensions: 4cm x 8cm x 1cm
  • Power: battery-operated included
  • Alarm Options: Up to 4 alarms daily