Michael Morpurgo – Shadow

In this poignant novel by Michael Morpurgo, the tale of Hero, a courageous bomb-sniffing spaniel who gets lost in war-torn Afghanistan, unfolds alongside the story of Aman and his unexpected bond with Shadow, a Western dog, highlighting the powerful connections between humans and animals in the midst of conflict and the heartwarming quest for reunification.


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Read by Abdullah Afzal & Mike Rogers

A stunning and moving new novel from Michael Morpurgo, the nation’s favorite storyteller – featuring the bravest dog in all the world.

When Hero, a bomb-sniffing spaniel, goes missing in the middle of war-torn Afghanistan, his soldier-owner is devastated. Meanwhile, Hero makes friends with a local Afghan boy and sees a whole other side of the war. As Christmas draws ever closer, the question is – will Hero and his trainer ever be reunited?

When a Western dog shows up outside the caves where Aman lives with his mother, Aman is initially repulsed – it is not customary for people to keep dogs as pets in his part of the world. But the dog Aman has called Shadow will not leave their side. ( 3 CD Set )