Merelani Tanzanite Bracelet

  • Sterling silver bracelet
  • contains 85 gems, for a total of five carats
  • violet blue gem we now call tanzanite


Sku: 26174

Legend claims it started with a lightning bolt. A single strike set the African plain aflame and revealed a geological secret that had been buried for more than 585 million years. The violet blue gem we now call tanzanite naturally occurs in only one place on Earth: Tanzanias remote Merelani Hills, in the craggy shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro.In 1967, a Portugese tailor, Manuel De Souza, was spending all his spare time and money in search of gold. He never found any gold instead, he discovered vivid stones that had been uncovered by a recent brush fire. Each 7 ” Merelani Bracelet contains 85 gems, for a total of five carats.The bracelet itself is made of gleaming sterling silver, and secures with a sturdy, bejeweled box clasp. This is the most tanzanite weve ever offered… and for the lowest price.If you go online right now, youll find one of the largest retailers selling tanzanite bracelets for well over 2,000 each. Ridiculous.Instead, you can secure your own piece of limited-edition tanzanite history right here… and at this incredible Stauer price!