Long Reach Grabber

Easily Reach, Grab, and Simplify Daily Tasks!

  • Avoid bending and stretching
  • Sturdy construction with aluminium and plastic
  • Anti-slip grip handle and magnetic tip
  • Multipurpose for home, garden, and shopping
  • Ideal for independent living


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Sku: H64784

Enhance Your Mobility with the Long Reach Grabber!

Introducing the Long Reach Grabber, a convenient solution designed to make everyday tasks effortless by eliminating unnecessary bending and stretching. Crafted with lightweight aluminium and robust plastic, this grabber is a must-have for older adults or individuals with limited mobility.

The Long Reach Grabber is your go-to tool for avoiding discomfort caused by bending and stretching. Its sturdy construction features a tubular aluminium body that ensures durability without adding unnecessary weight. The anti-slip grip trigger handle provides a secure hold, while the magnetic tip adds versatility to the grabber’s functionality.

Beyond its design, the Long Reach Grabber serves as a multipurpose aid for various tasks around the home, in the garden, or during shopping trips. Its angled handle enhances ease of use, and its lightweight build makes it a practical tool for picking up objects with ease.

With a simple-to-use mechanism and a steel pole finished with black powder coating, the Long Reach Grabber is a reliable companion for independent living. Say goodbye to unnecessary strain and discomfort, and welcome the convenience of the Long Reach Grabber into your daily routine.


What’s Included:

  • Long Reach Grabber



  • Material: Lightweight aluminium and hard-wearing plastic
  • Handle: Anti-slip grip trigger handle
  • Tip: Magnetic tip for versatile use
  • Construction: Tubular aluminium with black powder coating