Hampstead Earrings

  • Deep blue ovals
  • Shimmering European crystals
  • Luxurious glow of gold-finished settings


Sku: 24462

Recapture the glamour and romance of Edwardian elegance with our exclusive Hampstead Collection. As the train came screeching in to the station, Lady Elizabeths heart began to beat faster. She didnt want her new husband to know that this was her first time on a train.After all, most well-rounded women had traveled abroad multiple times by her age. It was almost an embarrassment that she hadnt seen more of the world. She followed his lead as they climbed aboard, the loud hiss of the steam engine making her jump with a mix of excitement and fear. Closing the door to their cabin, Lord Shroppingham turned to her and said, My dear, I can tell youre anxious about our trip to Paris, so I brought you something to calm your nerves. He handed her a small box and as she opened it, her worries did indeed begin to melt away. A stunning collection of jewellery that sparkled with deep blue ovals, shimmering European crystals and the luxurious glow of gold-finished settings.