Eagle Eye Dual Time Watch

  • Eagle Eye Dual Time Watch: Features reverse of Walking Liberty half dollar
  • Crafted from a genuine Walking Liberty half-dollar
  • Represents the American Bald Eagle and indomitable spirit
  • Genuine leather band, precision timekeeping, and dual time zones
  • Water-resistant, fits wrist up to 9″


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Keep an eagle eye on time

The Eagle Eye Dual Time Watch features the reverse of the Walking Liberty half dollar

Minted from 1916 to 1947, the Walking Liberty Half Dollar was a beloved 50-cent coin. The obverse showed the Statue of Liberty mid stride, while the reverse featured a powerful American Eagle, with wings proudly spread wide. Those powerful wings represented the very best of this nation, communicating both an open embrace and an indomitable spirit.

To celebrate this most American of coins, Stauer has crafted the Eagle Eye Dual Time Watch, featuring the reverse of a genuine Walking Liberty half-dollar that has been skillfully cut cross-sectionally to showcase the American Bald Eagle. Considered by art historians to be one of the most beautiful U.S. coins ever minted,  Adolph A. Weinman’s artwork depicts the American bald eagle perched high upon a mountain crag, wings unfolded and fearless in spirit. From the rock springs a mountain pine sapling, symbolizing America.

Along with a genuine leather band and gleaming gold finish, this unique collector’s timepiece has a second dial allowing you to keep an eye on the time in two different time zones at once. Coupled with precision time keeping that ensures accuracy within 0.2 seconds per day, this watch not only celebrates time, it honors the indomitable spirit and freedom of the United States.

  • Precision crystal movement with 2 analog dials
  • Genuine reverse American Eagle side Walking Liberty half dollar
  • Stainless steel case, gold finished dials
  • Brown Crocodile-embossed leather band
  • Water resistant to 3 ATM
  • Fits wrist to 9″