Dr. Jorge Planas Anti-Aging Cream

Revive Your Skin with Skin Repair Anti-Aging Cream

  • Global Anti-Aging Solution
  • Energizes & Protects
  • Innovative Ingredients
  • Hydration & Vitality
  • Patented Phytocutan® Technology


Sku: H94194

Jorge Planas Anti-Aging Cream: Your Ultimate Defense Against Facial Aging

Jorge Planas Anti-Aging Cream presents the ultimate solution to combat the relentless march of time on your skin. It’s like a burst of rejuvenating energy that your skin craves, empowering its self-defense system and bestowing a sense of firmness, protection, and vital rejuvenation. Prepare to immerse your skin in a world of transformation.

At the heart of this remarkable anti-aging cream are two innovative ingredients that redefine skincare. The organic winter pink radish seed extract is a true revelation, boasting potent antioxidant properties and DNA cell repair capabilities. It acts as an epidermal self-modulator, reinforcing your skin’s natural barrier while sculpting and smoothing facial contours. What’s more, this extraordinary extract is encapsulated in liposomes crafted from soybean lecithin. Upon contact with your skin, these liposomes, owing to their remarkable compatibility with cell membranes, gently unfurl, releasing their active ingredients for deep skin penetration and optimal hydration.

But the secret to this cream’s prowess lies in the patented Phytocutan® technology, co-developed by Dr. Planas and GustoPharma. It harnesses the extraordinary potential of Calendula flowers (MariGold) through photo-stimulation, multiplying the plant’s benefits sixfold. The result is an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, healing, and repairing action that offers unparalleled protection and intense energy stimulation for your skin.

Jorge Planas Anti-Aging Cream is your passport to a more youthful, vibrant complexion. Experience the transformation as it breathes new life into your skin, leaving it firmer, better protected, and radiantly vital. Embrace the future of skincare and discover a more confident, revitalized you.

Specifications (if relevant):

  • Key Ingredients: Organic winter pink radish seed extract, Phytocutan®
  • Encapsulation Technology: Liposomes for deep penetration and hydration
  • Patented Phytocutan®: Superior benefits from Calendula flower extract
  • Disclaimer: Results may vary, and this product is not a medical treatment. Consult with a skincare professional for personalized advice.