Classic Unisex Leather Sandals

Elevate Comfort with Classic Two-Strap Sandals

  • Crafted with 100% cow suede lining for breezy comfort
  • Fully adjustable buckles ensuring tailored fit
  • Heel moulding for optimum foot tissue support
  • Front footbed indentations for natural toe spread
  • High arch supports for enhanced foot stability


Sku: 89510X-FIG

Experience a fusion of style, comfort, and detailed craftsmanship in our Classic Two-Strap Sandals.

Introducing our Classic Two-Strap Sandals, where traditional design meets modern comfort. These leather-lined sandals are not just a statement of elegance, but a commitment to your foot’s well-being. Each feature has been meticulously designed to ensure your feet feel pampered, even after hours of wear.

The use of 100% cow suede lining ensures your feet remain cool and comfortable. With adjustable buckles, you’re assured a perfect fit tailored to your foot’s unique shape. One standout feature is the moulding in the heel area, which not only provides optimum support but also ensures the heel remains in its natural stance.

Furthermore, our sandal design understands the anatomy of your foot. The raised indentations at the front promote a natural toe spread, supporting the toes’ rolling motion, akin to the feeling in a closed shoe. The high arch supports surrounding the tarsal bones from both sides bolster the stability every step requires. With these sandals, style and health walk hand in hand.


  • Premium leather finish for a classic appeal
  • 100% genuine cow suede lining ensuring breathability
  • Designed with adjustable buckles for personalised fit
  • Enhanced heel moulding for optimum support and posture
  • Unique toe grips for a natural foot motion


What’s Included:

  • One pair of Classic Two-Strap Sandals
  • Adjustable leather straps with buckles



  • Material: Leather with cow suede lining
  • Fastening: Adjustable buckles
  • Footbed: Moulded with raised indentations
  • Arch Support: High


It’s recommended to consult with a podiatrist or footwear specialist before making drastic changes to footwear habits, especially if one has underlying foot conditions.