Booby Bare – All American Boy

This collection features 29 tracks, including songs like “The All-American Boy,” “Lorena,” “Tender Years,” and “Shame On Me,” among others.


Sku: LGC2010

29 Tracks Including: The All-American Boy, Above And Beyond, Lorena, Book Of Love, More Than A Poor Boy Could Give, Brooklyn Bridge, Down On The Corner Of Love, Life Of A Fool, Darling Don’t, Sweet Singin’ Sam, Another Love Has Ended, I Don’t Believe I’ll Fall In Love Today, Tender Years, A Beggar, I’m Hangin’ Up My Rifle, Buddies With The Blues, Shame On Me, Island Of Love, Sailor Man, No Letter From My Baby, The Livin’ End, That Mean Old Clock, Lynchin’ Party. ( 2 CD Set )