1968 Ford Mustang GT Bullitt (Dark Green)

  • 1:18 die-cast models
  • Dark Green
  • Muscle car


Sku: 43040

Lieutenant Frank Bullitt putting the pedal to the metal in Bullitt and chasing his foe up and down the steep streets of San Francisco, is now considered one of the greatest car chase scenes in movie history. Its the template for every car chase since. But its as much about the incredible car as the camera work. The Lieutenants dark green 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback immediately grabs the eye, not least the black mesh grille framed in bright chrome, the crease down the middle of the hood, and the gorgeous six-piece tail lights. These 1:18 die-cast models faithfully capture all the exquisite details of the originals. And, priced at this incredible price, youll find it easy to increase your muscle mass.