1965 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe (Silver)

  • Last Fuel-Injected Corvette
  • 375 HP Small Block
  • Collectible 1965 Vette
  • Iconic American Design
  • 1:18 Scale Model


Sku: 46814

The 1965 Stingray was the last of the mechanically fuel-injected Corvettes… a true sports car!

It was a watershed year for car collectors. 1965 marked the last year that the Corvette was equipped with Rochester Ramjet mechanical fuel injection that gave its 327 cubic inch small block a whopping 375 horsepower! What a beast… and what a beauty! Fuel injected engines didn’t re-emerge until 1982, making this 1965 Vette fuelie a coveted prize for collectors. At auction, these gems are going for around $135,000. Along with monster torque, the all-American good looks of the 1965 Stingray helped burn the Corvette nameplate deep into the fibre of sports car culture. A formable fusion of angles and swoops, its accented by bulging fenders and a full-length dorsal spine ending in its signature boattail canopy. 65 Stingray was without a doubt one of the most stunning pieces of master craftsmanship in U.S. automotive history. With only 771 of these fuel-injected Vettes made, you may not be able to get behind the wheel of one, but you can park a stunning replica of this rare road rocket on your desktop


  • 1:18 scale model
  • High quality die-cast replica
  • Feature opening doors
  • Full functioning steering
  • Four wheel suspension